...online or in person.

We help you, your family and your company to avoid potentially toxic substances, and we suggest

 non-toxic solutions.


...to inform people about how to avoid harmful toxins from industrialised products or

 from the workplace.


... on important topics within human toxicology, with exclusive and easy-to-read content.

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My Mission

To inform, educate and inspire people, communities

and organisations to reduce the contact with industrialised toxin

 in order to protect the people 

and the environment. 


We offer information to prevent and remediate health problems

associated with potentially toxic chemicals present in everyday life,

and we support the modification of practices, waste management,

and personnel training in order to reduce the

impact of toxins on

human and environmental health. 

Join us! 

Our blog is available only in Portuguese at the moment.

About Me

For 15 years I worked with

academic and industrial research

in the areas of human/environmental

toxicology and biochemistry.


I have a Ph.D. in ecotoxicology

from the University of Gothenburg,

Sweden, and a master's degree in

biochemistry from UFRGS, Brazil.

  I am the founder of Verti Consultancy,

when I turned my passion into a career.


Today I help my clients to enjoy

a healthier life with less

 industrialised toxins.



Karine Bresolin, Ph.D.

Examples of how could I help you: 


Inform you

for a conception, pregnancy and lactation free of harmful toxins.


Teach you

how to reduce

 toxins in your home or work environment.


Advise you

about safe

toys and cosmetics

for your



Give a course on how to

reduce the

use of chemicals in cleaning routines.


Instruct workers

on how to 


occupational toxicity.


Contact us!

Email: consultoria.verti@gmail.com

Phone: +55 (51) 9 9662 1344 (WhatsApp)

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